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Lab Plus Laboratory Furniture Manufacturing, a global leader in manufacturing laboratory/pharmacy furniture, provides you with the design and the products which are cost effective without compromising on quality, performance and safety. Our insight of this industry allows us to understand the needs of our customers and react to them in a way that places us an enviable position in the industrial scenario.

For years the scientific community has trusted the Lab Plus name for their laboratory furniture needs. Since inception, we provide our customers immaculate and versatile furniture, manufactured using the latest cutting edge technology.


Furniture Solutions
Healthcare Sector / Educational Sector / Industrial Sector

  • Epoxy Resin Worktop

    Epoxy Resin Worktop

  • Phenolic Resin Worktop

    Phenolic Resin Worktop

  • Technical Ceramic Worktop

    Technical Ceramic Worktop

  • Stainless Steel Worktop

    Stainless Steel Worktop

  • Melamine Laminated Plywood

    Melamine Laminated Plywood

  • Solid Surface Worktop

    Solid Surface Worktop

  • Epoxy Resin Sink

    Epoxy Resin Sink

  • Technical Ceramic Sink

    Technical Ceramic Sink

  • Polypropylene Sink

    Polypropylene Sink

  • Stainless Steel Sink

    Stainless Steel Sink

  • Solid Surface Sink

    Solid Surface Sink

  • Under Bench Cabinets

    Under Bench Cabinets

  • Wall Cabinets

    Wall Cabinets

  • Tall Storages

    Tall Storages

  • Lab Chairs

    Lab Chairs

  • Lab Stools

    Lab Stools

  • Drip Racks

    Drip Racks

  • Gratnell Tray

    Gratnell Tray

  • Trolley


  • Service Spine System

    Service Spine System

  • Shelfing System

    Shelfing System

  • Service Fittings

    Service Fittings

  • Anti Vibration Table

    Anti Vibration Table

  • Certified Fume Hood

    Certified Fume Hood

  • Custom Made Fume Hood

    Custom Made Fume Hood

  • Canopy Hood

    Canopy Hood

  • Local Extractor

    Local Extractor

  •  Emergency Showers & Eyewash

    Emergency Showers & Eyewash

  •  Safety Station

    Safety Station

  •  Gas Leak Detector

    Gas Leak Detector

  • Gas Purification System

    Gas Purification System

  • User Friendly Work Bench

    User Friendly Work Bench

  • Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets

    Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets

  • Chemical storage

    Chemical storage

  • Ventilated Pull Out Cabinets

    Ventilated Pull Out Cabinets

  • Reception Counters

    Reception Counters

  • Toilet Cubicles

    Toilet Cubicles

  • Locker Unit

    Locker Unit

  • Vanity Unit

    Vanity Unit

  • Stainless Steel Furniture

    Stainless Steel Furniture

  • Lab Transportable Container

    Lab Transportable Container

  • Hospital Accessories

    Hospital Accessories

  • Office Furniture

    Office Furniture

  • Bio Safety Cabinet

    Bio Safety Cabinet

  • Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Laminar Flow Cabinet



Rising in a highly competitive global business setting was challenging for us. However, the way Lab Plus Furniture had grown tackling them gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. We always strive to meet high-quality standards so as to give the best to our customers
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